About Quiet-Air;

Quiet-Air.com is a product of PrintTec, and it is designed to provide our customers with a complete SMT production line. PrintTec is a specialized technical wholesale company that serves the electronics industry. Since 1999, we have been supplying professional end-users with equipment, tools, and consumables for the production, assembly, and/or service and repair of electronics.

Since 2023, we have also been offering high-quality air compressors that are specifically designed for light industry and hobbies, while still being affordable. In addition, we provide a comprehensive range of air hoses and connectors, and we offer an optional micro air filter for added protection of your valuable equipment.

Do you need advice for your application? Our knowledgeable dealers are ready to assist you. Quiet-Air offers you a competitively priced total solution!

Interested to see everything PrintTec has to offer? Take a look at www.printtec.nl 

Or take a look at our complete SMT assembly line for prototyping or small production at www.smdassembly.com